User Experience (UX)

A good user experience design involves looking at a product’s features from the user’s focus and optimising it to their behaviour. This may perhaps sound obvious! But an approach that focuses on the user-first, rather than the bias of the designer or client even, can result in the most pleasant to use product and best performance.

At Chuffey we can help you define your audience, their needs, journey and questions that may arise along their journey. Whether through workshops, prototyping or research we can help you put the user first whilst achieving the design goals of your product.

User Interface (UI)

Once the user journey stage has been established the work can begin on the user interface itself. This is the nuts and bolts stage of the design process and involves designing the various buttons, widgets and screens that have been refined from the study of the user carried out in the UX stage of the project.

We can craft fully realised UI designs for applications and websites as well as more detailed high-fidelity prototypes.


As well as working on digital design for applications or websites at Chuffey we are also experienced in creating brands from scratch or localising existing design work to the Irish market. We can help in researching and designing new brands or product brands and in creating brand guidelines, ensuring consistent logo, colour palette and graphics across all marketing materials.

We are also happy to help in the design of advertisements, brochures or other print design.